Huh. I’m in the US (Connecticut) for work this week. I’d thought it was 5 work weeks from when I get back until my next US trip (family visit), but it’s only four – well, four and a half, since the trip is Thursday through Tuesday. Also, next week is only a three-day work week due to Hemelvaart (Ascension Day) and there’s also a 4-day week in there due to Pinkster (Pentecost). Cool.

This trip is all about work; last night was the first time I wasn’t with my coworkers, and I just went out to dinner across the street, then back to my hotel room and knit. I did take a quick walk to a nearby Wal-Mart before dinner on Sunday, and bought two bags of my favorite pretzels (one to eat here, one to take home).

It does get old, being around the same people all day and all evening. I just left my colleagues on a post-lunch walk; there are a bunch of Canadian geese here, and they are a problem as in much of the Northeast US. (And parts of California, and I am sure other places.) They can be aggressive. Problem is, people from some other places may not have much concept of wild animals. I didn’t think it was funny when one of my colleagues kept feeding a goose with grapes despite my objections, but I thought it was much less funny when they were egging a Korean guy, who didn’t know better, to get close to it. The goose was hissing and clearly not happy, and I just left.

Still, we’re getting lots of good work done, and the flip side of being around the same people is the chance to bond, which is needed for a worldwide team. I keep reminding myself.