Best part of the trip so far: as we were driving away fromJFK airport, we caught a glimpse of the Space Shuttle. It’s currently still mounted on a 747′ sitting under a shelter (not an enclosed hangar, just a roof) at the airport.

Weirdest part: one of my colleagues was going to a supermarket and asked if I wanted anything. I somehow managed to leave my vitamins at home, and only found out the first night long after I got back from Walmart, so I asked him to get regular Centrum, smallest bottle they had. For some unknown reason he got me Ultra Mega Super Gazonga Vitamins for Women from GNC instead. I just don’t understand these. Centrum has 100% RDA of most vitamins, less in a few cases (it only has 70% of vitamin A, which is fine with me since I just read that too much of it is poisonous. Even 100% seems like a bit much – after all, I do eat food, and the vitamin is only meant as a supplement, in case I miss anything. So why do these vitamins have as much as a couple thousand percent of some vitamins? What good does 2941%RDA of riboflavin do me? And why on earth do these pills contain no potassium?

Youre supposed to take 2, but I think I’ll stick to one a day.