Got back from the US on Saturday morning and proceeded to spend the weekend in the fog of jetlag. Rowing Sunday, in particular, didn’t feel good; the rest of the time the fog wasn’t unpleasant because there wasn’t much I actually had to do.

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment. Annoyingly, I’ll need to go back in 2 weeks, because while you can only have a Pap smear when you don’t have your period, apparently you can only have Implanon (birth control implant) put in when you do. I am also not too impressed with the doctor who did the Pap. He didn’t pay any attention to my request to use a smaller speculum. Dude: I’ve been getitng these every year or two since I was 16; I know they usually use the small size on me. And there isn’t usually that much maneuvering, either. Ow. He also wasn’t paying too much attention when I told him how differently things are done in the States; I wasn’t trying to get him to change his way to doing anything, just to let him know that he needs to explain things in really obvious ways, because Things Are Different Here. Like, I would have been helpful to be told, “You can take your pants off now; I’ll just turn around” very clearly, because in the US doctors actually leave the room (they also give you a paper sheet to cover up with, which always seems a little silly to me, and come back with a nurse, which is for the patient’s protection). There wasn’t anything else either – just Pap and go, whereas in the US a routine exam generally includes manual palpation and a few other things. Again, just fine, except I needed to have stuff made clear.

I didn’t get scheduled for a mammogram either; my Taiwan doctor wanted me to have one, and I think I’d be about due in the US, but here you start at 50 and then have them every 5 or so years. I had one in 2006, but I’m not too worried about that since I do check myself and I don’t have any particular risk factors.

Anyway, after the appointment I made a giant pot of jambalaya, so that makes everything better.

Also, I have to report a conversation with Ted the other day. We were talking about US elections.

Him: They need to just get ride of the Electrical College.
Me: Um… is that where you go to learn about current events?
Him: incoherent flailing
Him again, ten minutes later: I should have said that’s where you go if you have a high capacity for inductive learnign!