This will be our second long weekend in a row – not vacation time but standard Dutch holidays. (Ascension Day last week, Whitsunday this time). Two weeks ago I returned from the US, last week we went to Brussels, so this week my plan is to do pretty much nothing. Except as usual “nothing” is addiing up: doctor’s visit this afternoon to get Implanon implanted (stories of your experiences with it, whether good or bad, are welcomed), shopping for shoes, bugzappers and ways to improvise screen windows (it’s been hotwarm! and we can’t leave our windows open due to mosquitoes), rowing at least once, probably twice, erging on the day I don’t row, finishing some writing I need to do, getting up to and turning a sock heel, and so forth.

Also, I should get some asparagus, since it’s a seasonal thing here. And figure out some dinners and buy ingredients for them. And like that.