I realized the other day that I have been traveling more than I thought: I’ve been in another country every single month since May 2011, and it will continue until at least July. Like this:

June 2011: Budapest
July 2011: Japan
August 2011: Japan
Sept 2011: Oregon
Oct 2011: NY and PA
Nov 2011: Japan
Dec 2011: France, Spain
Jan 2012: Japan
Feb 2012: Japan
Mar 2012: Lisbon
Apr 2012: Oregon
May 2012: CT (also Belgium)
June 2012: PA
July 2012: Baltic cruise

I’m cheating only very slightly: I had one short trip to Japan that ran from January 29 through February 4. So I didn’t actually do round trips in those months, but I did go to sleep in a country other than the one I’d woken up in, in both months. I think we need to plan a long weekend in Vienna in August. Or Iceland. September will probably include a trip to Germany, since the FISA World Masters is there – it’s only an hour’s drive, so that may be a day trip. We plan to visit the US again in October-ish – were originally considering August for that, but it’s really too soon to buy our RV. Then we plan to go home in December, with possibly a short trip back here in January to close things out. Anyway, the travel plans through July are firm, but all later plans are still very much up in the air, including the date of our return to the US – it kind of depends on Ted’s management. It’s always weird not to know where you’ll be living when!

On the knitting front, I’ve put Mom’s blanket aside because it’s been too hot to knit something that big, though that may change this weekend. Meanwhile, I’m almost done another pair of socks. I am liking Cat Bordhi’s Sweet Tomato Heel; it’s pleasant to knit and seems to fit pretty well (I’m wearing the first pair I made with that heel right now) – in fact, here they are, because I’m not sure if I ever posted a photo here:


The bruise from the Implanon injection got darker and uglier, as bruises do, but it finally is starting to fade. Why can’t they invent something like this for men? I’ve been on the pill for 27 years, and now this. it’s his turn, dammit.

Another disturbing bruise photo: