Apparently the stairs yesterday did work. Or maybe the panicked speedy bike ride to the boathouse was what helped. (The ride there was panicked because I realized at 7:35 that I’ve been supposed to be there at 7:15 to take my turn at cleaning; the ride home was not so much panicked, but speedy anyhow because it was raining.) Anyway, I’m much less sore today, which is surprising because usually the second day is worst for DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). So yay, I guess. I will celebrate by rowing tonight – it’s actually not raining.

At least, not this minute.

Also, I’ve just noticed I missed marking through last week, and now I have 5 of 12 months X’d through on my wall calendar; only 7 left until we go home. There is still a possibility that Ted will be offered an extension and we’ll decide he should take it. I hope not. I want to go home. I want to take that year off we have planned. I want to not have more and more projects piling up on me – at least, not unless they’re ones I’ve chosen myself. I do get a voice in this, of course, but it feels like kind of a constrained choice – it isn’t my job, or my boss who will be making the decisions. I can’t have much direct influence, except on Ted and on making the decision together, and if staying seems right and responsible, I won’t feel able to say “Don’ wanna!” Bah.