Good things: only two weeks to work before we go on holiday next. This is not only our monthly pay week but because of the way the Dutch system works, I get nearly an extra month’s pay (one month, almost, for vacation pay in June and a “13th month” holiday pay in December). Also, I have one sock finished and should have the second one done or nearly so before we go on our cruise, which makes decisions of what knitting to take a bit simpler. (I don’t like having too many projects going at once.) Even better, I really like how this sock came out.

I have only a minor complaint: it looks like I will travel to Japan for work for a week or week and a half in the last week of July / first week of August, which is otherwise known as the first week of the Olympics, which is when the rowing happens. I don’t much care if I see it on tape delay rather than live, but I’m worried I might not get to see it. When we lived in Taiwan, Olympics coverage was abysmal; until people protested they showed only a couple of sports, and instead just re-showed the Opening Ceremonies over and over. However, Japan’s been known to field some very strong boats, so hopefully that will mean they do get shown.

I suppose being on travel will be good for my knitting for the Ravelympics or whatever we end up calling it – I’m amused that the US Olympics Committee’s cease & desist letter and subsequent (partial) apologies to Ravelry made it into the general news. I will still participate, whatever it’s called, because I like to knit and I like to watch the Olympics, despite my frustration with the nationalized system. The modern Olympics were supposed to be about athletes of all nations getting to compete against each other pour l’amour ou pour le sport, not about racking up national medal tallies. In that respect it’s possible that the World Masters Games live up to Olympic ideals better than the actual Olympics.