If there’s anyone reading this who knows their Dickens very well, I need a recommendation: if I loved David Copperfield what other Dickens should I read? The only other thing of his that I’ve read through is A Christmas Carol. (I did start Great Expectations a few years ago but somehow didn’t get too far – should I go back to it?)

What I liked about David Copperfield was the balance: there are very sad bits (not always the ones intended; Martha’s story was far more heartbreaking to me than Little Em’ly’s) but you’re never in the sad bits for too long before there’s a funny bit. Also, Betsy Trotwood is one of my most favorite characters ever. (In fact, it’s quite a feminist book overall.)

What I *don’t* want is one of the tearjerkers like The Old Curiosity Shop. If it helps any, since finishing David Copperfield, I’ve been listening to Cranford while erging. Like Copperfield, it is a terrible workout book – too little action, and also too funny in spots – but also like Copperfield I like it enough not to mind much.