Since I decided to take my big suitcase on our cruise after all (I was planning to pack light, but someone pointed out that maybe a cruise isn’t the best time for that) I’ve been tossing in a few extra things I might want: another pair of shorts. A third(!) black dress (dressy one, simple sleeveless shift, sundress). More yarn. None of it is bulky or heavy but somehow my suitcase is now over 50 pounds. Oops. (That doesn’t really matter, since we won’t be flying; I just have to shlep it for a ten-minute walk on either end and on and off the train.) I do hope we have room in the cabin for our stuff. There is a wardrobe, but it’s not clear if there are any drawers. There must be, mustn’t there?

I’m still a bit worried about this cruise; we made the mistake of booking through a former neighbor of mine, who is now a cruise agent, and frankly I don’t think she’s very good at it. We felt a bit railroaded into choosing one of two lines (Celebrity or Holland American). Celebrity seems to have what we wanted, but then she told us there was one mid-ship cabin available in the class we wanted. So we booked it, only to find afterward it’s got a smaller balcony that may be visible from the room next door. I hope not. There are complaints online about it, but I can’t tell how seriously to take them. (I can usually tell, when it’s about hotels. For instance, Americans complaining about how small a European hotel room is, that sounds otherwise OK, go straight to “ignore”.) If it’s bad, I guess we can try asking the concierge if it’s possible to move. I’d think a cruise in the Baltic, in a year that began with a cruiseliner sinking, might possibly not be quite full to capacity.

I don’t expect to have much access while we’re gone (though I hear Helsinki has free wifi throughout the city!), so y’all take care and have a good two weeks.