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a plea for discourse, preferably of the civil kind

It’s possibly I can be dispassionate only because I live outside the US and am thus not being bombarded by US election news to nearly the degree that people in the US are. (It’s election season here too, but I … Continue reading

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Circle of Magic: strangely ambivalent

I finally got around to reading Tamora Pierce. I’m not sure why I never have; I think it’s because so many people have recmomended them so enthusiastically that they hit my ‘anti-should’ reflex, even though some of these are people … Continue reading

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doing OK

OK, so: I’m reading the book Already Pretty (yes, based on the blog) and liking it for its basic philosophy, which can be boiled down to “dress in the style that suits *you*, not anyone else, and do it for … Continue reading

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made things

I did something today that I haven’t done for a long time: I made things with beads. A while ago I lost one of my favorite silver-and-red earrings, and since I wear red a lot I needed a replacement. (I … Continue reading

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someone tell me a story?

This going to work every day shit feels weeeeeeird. Seriously, the last time I worked at this desk for three weeks straight was at the end of May / beginning of June. The last time I was here for longer … Continue reading

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Thought I managed to successfully fend off the disease Ted picked on on the plane on his way home from Taiwan, but no. (Actually, given the incubation period he may have picked it up while in Taiwan. Anyway, irrelevant.) My … Continue reading

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reactions to assorted things online

Taelle has posts a fic quote that should probably be checked out by all LMM fans. I read this one a couple of days ago and have been wanting to link it and get all and sundry (“all and sundry” … Continue reading

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palpable uncertainty

I think the wrist is on the way to better; it’s bothering me less and didn’t seem to be made worse by a careful weight-lifting workout yesterday. (I used part of a New Rules for Lifting for Women, but stuck … Continue reading

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the usual round-up

Been a while since I updated, but my wrist is hurting (RSI) so ti’s a bad time to do lots of typing and there isn’t much giong on. Ted’s been sick with a bug he picked up on the way … Continue reading

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back home again (hey, it’s good to be)

Well, I think I mostly managed to avoid jet lag in coming back home – I’ve slept pretty well all the way through the first two nights. Last night we went to bed a little early (by 9, normal is … Continue reading

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