Well, I think I mostly managed to avoid jet lag in coming back home – I’ve slept pretty well all the way through the first two nights. Last night we went to bed a little early (by 9, normal is 10:30) and I woke up half an hour before the alarm clock, so that’s probably good. It is so nice to be in my own bed, which is at least a little bit softer than the very hard beds in Japanese hotels. It also has a nice warm man in it.

I really appreciated my colleague’s efforts to take me to a wide variety of Japanese food, and I really enjoyed some of it (like the yakitori), but it was also nice to be home and go to a restaurant and just order what I liked without feeling responsible to keep tasting new things.

I’m also glad to be back to my home TV – the coverage of the Olympics is so much better here! That’s mostly because we get BBC1, though even the Dutch coverage is much better than the Japanese. But the British announcers seem to getting so much fun out of the whole thing that they’re really enjoyable to watch. A much wider variety of sports are being covered, and a much wider variety of athletes within each sport – they’re unashamedly rooting for the Brits, of course, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in anyone else. Also, sicne so many sports happen in short bursts, i.e. there’s a 100-meter dash and then a while until the next one, that it’s nice to be able to understand the announcers so that you know when to look up. In Japan I kept missing stuff because of course I’d look away (at a book or my knitting) when there was an interview or chat or explanation I couldn’t understand and then I’d miss half of a gymnastic routine.

Unfortunately I brought angry skin back with me; my skin started breaking out a lot back ont he cruise ship (all the rich food and humidity, I guess) and then got worse in Japan’s muggy climate. Not only are these zits unsightly, but they hurt. Ow. I hope they go away soon.

I have finished my Olympic knitting; my Nerys came out smaller than I’d hoped, despite my adding 4 extra repeats of the pattern, but hopefully when I block it, it will become more of a shawl and less of a scarf.