Been a while since I updated, but my wrist is hurting (RSI) so ti’s a bad time to do lots of typing and there isn’t much giong on. Ted’s been sick with a bug he picked up on the way back from Taiwan (we managed to align our business trips this time) so I’m trying not to catch it. So I’ll do a quick round-up if the usual topics.

Books: I meant to review Marshall Payne’s Jimmy-Don and the Texas Hill Country Ordeal, but don’t think I did. The short version: great plot and setting, reminds me a bit of Sean Stewart in its Texas-ness, but I do wish it had gotten more editing. It’s self-published and that shows. Thing is, the editing it needs is easy stuff – I mean *I* could have done it. The hard stuff, plotting and pacing and internal logic are just fine; there’s just a lot of awkward dialogue and phrasing that would be very simple to fix, and maybe a bit of telling-not-showing. Worth reading, but you might get kicked out of the story every now and then.

Rowing: I haven’t really gotten all the way back into it yet – the sore wrist isn’t helping. (“Not fully back into it” means only four workouts, two water and two erg, since getting back late last Wednesday night. Don’t worry, I’m not atrophying yet.) I think I will take today off, because yesterday’s erg intervals did hurt my wrist.

Travel: nothing more planned until a visit home in October. If plans don’t change and we will be doing th wanderjahr next year, we should know for sure by then and we plan to buy the trailer, to allow for delivery time etc. (I think a drumroll is needed here, or loud whooping.)

Knitting: I finished my Olympic knitting project in plenty of time; I was worried that the shawl would be too small to wear well, but I added 4 repeats to the pattern and it blocked out to a good size. I wore it Monday and the curved shape meant that it stayed put all day, not needing constant readjustment as so many shawls / scarves do, so that’s a win. I don’t have a good (post-blocking) picture, but this one gives the general idea:

Since finishing that I’ve gone back to my Thera sweater; I have the body and one sleeve half done, just need to finish the other one. I’m pleased to say it fits well, but also a bit worried about what happens to this one during blocking (it’s a mercerized cotton yarn). We’ll see.

Oops. So much for not typing.