Thought I managed to successfully fend off the disease Ted picked on on the plane on his way home from Taiwan, but no. (Actually, given the incubation period he may have picked it up while in Taiwan. Anyway, irrelevant.) My fever was up to 102 last night, thought it’s been lower today and I mostly only have a low-grade fever, somewhat sore throat, and disinclination to do anything more energetic than napping. I may get very tired of chicken soup very soon, having had it for dinner last night (leftover homemade from last weekend), and again tonight, from a box) and tomorrow lunch (leftover box) but other food isn’t that appealing.

Luckily Ted is mostly better and he went food shopping today, bringing back orange juice, strawberries, and grapes. For some reason either hot liquids (tea and soup) or wet, squishy, acidic things are always more appealing than anything else when I have a cold.