I did something today that I haven’t done for a long time: I made things with beads. A while ago I lost one of my favorite silver-and-red earrings, and since I wear red a lot I needed a replacement. (I do have good ruby-and-gold earrings which were once a birthday present from Ted but I wanted something more casual.) I didn’t have anything as fancy as the original findings, but I dug into my small stash of bead caps – no point worrying about using them up when I hardly ever use them at all. (It only ever mattered because can’t buy sterling silver findings here. They aren’t hard to get in the US, though I took a look at Fire Mountain Gems and noticed prices have gone way up.) The red ones are for me, the Christmassy ones are likely to end up as part of someone or other’s gift some time (maybe the knitting group’s exchange) and the aqua ones go into the bowl. The bowl contains about 60 items I’ve made, mostly earrings with a few pendants and a couple of necklaces and bracelets, that I need to sell somehow some day. (This is probably why I’m not all that motivated to do much jewelry-making these days. It’s not like I can wear all those things!)

The round red beads are more burgundy and less like tomatoes in real life. The aqua stones (I don’t know what they are) threw a hissy fit and refused to be photographed on a black background.

Also, here’s the current State of the Sweater – one sleeve is done, the other begun: