Phew! Finally done Thera. Actually I finished knitting it last weekend, but it’s take me until now to finish weaving in approximately 3,278 yarn ends (well, at least 30). Since it’s only in one color and I only used 7-8 skeins of yarn, I have no idea why there were so many of them. Here’s hoping it fits well once it’s done blocking – it might be dry enough to tell by tomorrow.

And also, it fits! At least for the moment – it’s still damp in this picture, so may (or may not) shrink as it dries. I just hope the sleeves don’t get tighter; the body is a little loose and is just fine either this way or a bit clingier or shorter.

Now it’s back to blankets; it’s cool enough now to work on the one I’m making for my mom’s birthday, that I put aside in the heat of the summer. It’s fun to work on because it’s a gorgeous soft purple yarn, in a bulky weight so that it knits up quickly, and most of it is mindless stockinette but there’s a complex cable down the front to add interest. So I can read and knit without paying attention, and then focus on it for just 23 interesting stitches that are different every row.

I’m also working on a blanket I’m liking less – it’s the same ten-stitch square spiral pattern I made for my nephew, that will be made as a group project for someone who needs a bit of comfort. I like it less because it’s a brighter but kind of boring purple acrylic yarn, with no depth or change to the color. Unfortunately the recipient is allergic to wool, and there weren’t too many options available at the local yarn shop. I also have lilac and blue, so eventually I’ll change colors. Also I feel a bit of pressure to work on this one, so I can do my bit and send it off to someone else to work on, so I feel guilty when I work on the project I enjoy more But I do need to do this one in a timely way, given that I was the one who suggested the project to the group. I’m thinking I ought to use it as car knitting, and work on the one for Mom at home.