Somehow, as a result of reading an LJ post this morning mentioning Unesaneh Tokef (Yom Kippur prayer) and then someone else’s post describing Leonard Cohen’s “Who By Fire” as a modern midrash on the former, I have Simon and Garfunkle’s “Who Will Love a Little Sparrow” floating around in my brain. My earworms are convoluted that way. No doubt, this has a lot to do with my not knowing the tune to “Who By Fire”.

And also, now I want to write a poem based on Unesanh Tokef, though my schedule for today and the rest of this week probably means that I won’t do it before I forget the idea.

And also, a couple of friends have a new book review blog up, so it will be interesting to see how that develops. And as long as I’m plugging friends’ review blogs, I should probably mention Kiwiria’s Bogormen, which has quite a surprising number of reviews up. I sometimes disagree with Maria about books – most notably The Dark is Rising series, which didn’t strike the same chord with her that it does with me – but I can generally tell if I’ll like a book from what she writes about it, which after all is what I want in a book review.

And also, I wore my just finished sweater to work yesterday. When dry it fit perfectly, fitted in the bust and loose over my stomach as it’s supposed to be, and not tight in the arms at all. Victory!