This was a nice weekend, but defintely not the restful one I needed. Last week was extremely tiring; my department had our quarterly (almost) meeting here. We’re located all over the world, but we need to work as a team so we meet in person about 3 times a year. So last week was pretty much like being on travel, except for getting to sleep in my own bed when I finally got home every night. Monday we had an offsite meeting followed by dinner and I go home at nine. Since I didn’t have to meet people to carpool until 8:15, I got in a short erg piece before work. Tuesday we had scheduled drinks after work, and I got home at maybe 8:30-9 and then still had to find some dinner. Wednesday I had meetings until 6:30, got home around 7 and then had dinner with Ted. Thursday we had meetings, then went canoeing as a team-building activity, then had a barbeque, and I got home at 10:30. So it was a fun week, but very tiring. On Friday we had meetings only in the morning; I managed to leave by 2, took the bus home, walked a fair way with my work backpack to the pharmacy to pick up a refill, back home, to the supermarket and back, and then erged 12km.

That all wrecked me for Saturday. Ted had a 1000m race in Rotterdam, the first race on a new course at that distance. Regattas are already tiring, because you end up running back and forth from the boats to the docks to the area where food is sold all day. And, of course, you normally have races on top of that. Ted and his partner had two races, so it’s a bit ridiculous that I was more tired than either of them at the end of the day.

I was afraid Sunday was going to be worse because we went to Groningen to meet the Hudson dealer there and try his new boat (a single with bow-rigger), and afterwards walk around the city a bit. Luckily it wasn’t as exhausting as I feared, mostly due to the 3 hours ont he train either way. We did short rows to test the boat, had some food outside the spectacular building of the Groninger Museum, walked around the city centrum a bit, and then went home.

Monday I did a short erg piece at a decent rate; today I wanted to row but all the boats were already reserved, so I’ll try for a longer piece on the erg. Hopefully it won’t be too much; last week I was so exhausted that tomorrow’s outing was soujnding like too much to do, but it’s looking more appealing now.

This is good, because my plans for tomorrow can be summarized as “travel around and drink beer”. There is a beer tour only for women (link is in Dutch; they’re also on Facebook), and it is, unaccountably, free. (Even more unaccountably, only 16 women have signed up to go.) I’ll take the train to den Bosch, half an hour away, whence a bus will pick us up and take us to tours and tastings in two Belgian and one Dutch brewery. I have no idea how this all is being funded, but when a woman at my company told me about it, it sounded like an opportunity I’d kick myself for missing. I think the idea is to develop beer consumership aming women. I promise to take pictures.

And look, they made me a word cloud!