The previous post covers my actual life, but I also wanted to write about the latest Romney gaffe. I really, really have trouble believing that 47% of Americans don’t pay taxes. A high percentage of retired people, certainly – but surely they’ve paid their dues. And the poorest people, yes – personally I’d sort of rather see people having enough to eat before I worry about collecting taxes from them. ANd then there are the ultrarich with tax shelters – pretty sure those aren’t the ones Romney is complaining about, and there aren’t all that many of those, that being sort of the point of the whole 99% thing.

Anyway, maybe it’s not safe to say who I’ll vote for, this far ahead of elections, because aliens could always infiltrate and completely change the candidates’ policies. Barring that, however, it’s pretty safe to say it won’t be Romney. So I would just like to mention a few things: this year and for the last several, we’ve been in pretty good financial shape – even Mitt might not scorn us. We pay taxes.

And yet we still depend on government “hand-outs”. They are a main reason we got to this point: both of us attended public schools for all twelve grades. I had some Federally-funded loans and scholarships, whithout which I could not have completed my BS at a private college. We both had salaries and MS programs funded by a government jobs program (that one run by NASA) in our first several years at work. I collected unemployment from the state of Arizona once, for six months, and benefited from unemployment as a kid, too, when Dad was laid off for a bit. (I don’t know whether his was adequate, but I sure was glad I had savings – I’m here to tell you that no one is depending on the state of Arizona to keep them in – traveling gets difficult without them – and of the US’s superb (and often underfunded) National Parks. Local government wouldn’t work without a (mostly) stable Federal government, and I benefit from it too, all those nifty things like clean water supply, trash collection, libraries….

So yup, I do want my next President to lead a Federal government that keeps those handouts comin’. And in return, I’ll pay my taxes.