We’re going home to Oregon on Saturday, so I’ve already begun checking the weather. What a wide range – it looks like a winter day in Arizona, with lows under 10C/mid-forties F and highs in the low-to-mid 20sC / mid 70s F I’m staying two weeks, Ted is staying three. (That last one when I’m not there is going to be painful for me!) My books! Our very own biiig bed! A real oven, and a gas stove that burns hot! And my own dear racing shell, on our own lake! Wheeee!

All that said, there’s a bit less of the Whee! factor than originally planned for. This was supposed to be THE trip, the one where we went ahead and bought the RV and the truck, so they’d be ready for us to hit the road at the beginning of 2013. But there’s a crimp in the planning. It’s not an unpleasant crimp, just frustrating because it messes with the timing: there’s a possibility for us both to get interesting jobs in a place we’d like to live in (close enough to have weekends in the lake house!), but while the indicators are good, there’s nothing definite. In fact, Ted has to go to a meeting in the US while he’s there (a very good sign). Of course, we could buy the RV and just use it for weekend trips while we’re working, but that seems like overkill and unnecessary expense. We probably will buy the truck though. We can use a truck for normal transportation, stuff like buying a ladder we need for the house, and then for transporting our boats to regattas when we’re living there.

On the domestic front (I mean here where we live) we’re beginning to plan our going-away party. Our flat isn’t big enough for all the people we want to invite, December will be too cold to use the patio, and becuase it’s an apartment building all visitors have to be buzzed in, so we’re having it in a nearby restaurant. We want it close to home so we can drink without worrying about driving home, which also puts it in the Centrum, so it’s convenient for anyone else wanting to bike or take public transportation. There are tons of local restaurants; the trick has been to find one with a private area. We had one where we liked the room and the food looks good but the manager never seems to be available to talk to. Yesterday I checked out another place we might go with: responsive manager, nice place, and it’s got a book theme – books everywhere on the walls and making up columns to the ceiling. (Only drawback: it smells like old books! It’s cozy, though.)

And oh yes: there’s a post about my women-only beer tour last week, up over here.