Today’s playlist:

Our House: Crosby, Stills and Nash
A Heart Needs a Home: Richard Thompson
Grand River Lullaby: Alex Bevan
Home Again: Carole King
Homeward Bound: Gordon Bok & Cindy Kallet
Follow that Road: Anne Hills
Eastfield: Archie Fisher
Home: Sally Fingerett
Poems, Prayers, and Promises: John Denver
Straight and True: Stan Rogers
Cootamundra Wattle: John Williamson
Watching the Apples Grow: Stan Rogers
Watching the River Run: Loggins & Messina
Homeward Bound: Simon and Garfunkel
Home is Where the Heart is: Sally Fingerett
The Cuillins of Home: Archie Fisher

Yes, I’m a bit excited to be going home to our house, can you tell? (Suggestions for related songs are welcome.)