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Random comments on assorted people and things

1. A woman I know reminds me, in some ways, of what would have happened if Anne of Green Gables had grown up in totally different times and places – she was never forced to be moderate in her joys … Continue reading

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all about workout stuff

A few weeks ago I started doing marathon training again (the 80,000m programme here). I don’t plan to do any marathons in the near future, but I do need a training plan to push me and I need to build … Continue reading

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not just Faux, but incompetent

Fox News is famous for letting its conservative bias affect its news reporting; I hadn’t realized they were also incompetent in matters of basic journalism. I did a bit of Googling to check whether my parents were likely to be … Continue reading

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facing storms

I’ve long had an unfair tendency to discount Mid-Atlantic storms. I lived there for 22 years; in that time my parents’ house in northeast Philadelphia never once flooded (except possibly due to internal plumbing issues) and never lost power more … Continue reading

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planning for our return

it feels very real now, Things we’ve done to prepare for going home, so far: Turned in my resignation letter, with some weasel wording because I may not be leaving the company Requested a meeting with HR (Ted) to talk … Continue reading

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some support from DWJ

This bit is from Diana Wynne Jones’s book of essays, Reflections: On the Magic of Writing, and I think it’s highly pertinent to what I was saying yesterday – it seems that she is arguing here for the same shift … Continue reading

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revoking or binding the magic: evil or necessity?

I feel like I’m teetering on the brink of an epiphany about a shift in children’s and YA fantasy here. It’s also possible, though, that it’s one of those things that seems profound until you look back on it, and … Continue reading

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more top fives

I’m still in the game, if anyone else wants to join in. Let me know if you want me to give you five, as well. These two are from Kiwiria: Top Five Knitting Projects: My top knitting projects are ones … Continue reading

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I feel like the heroine of a Choose Your Own Adventure book

It’s a funny thing; I’d been looking forward to spending a year traveling around the US for so long that it’s a bit of a let-down that we may not do it after all. On the other hand, I find … Continue reading

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MacLeod e-release

Yay! All, or at least many, of Charlotte MacLeod’s books are either available or about to be available for Kindle! (I presume this means they’re available in other e-formats too.) I’ll have to go check my records and see which … Continue reading

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