it feels very real now, Things we’ve done to prepare for going home, so far:

  • Turned in my resignation letter, with some weasel wording because I may not be leaving the company
  • Requested a meeting with HR (Ted) to talk about repatriation
  • Talked to the bank about how to close our accounts remotely (we need to leave them open long enough to get tax refunds next year)
  • Talked to T-Mobile to have my account closed at the end of the eyar
  • Set up our going-away party and invited people (we may invite more still)
  • Picked dates to pack up and move, and notified the company of same
  • Discussed what to pack, vs what to have shipped, in both of the possible scenarios for our return (that is, working vs trailer)
  • Investigated real estate and attributes of the area we may be moving to
  • Decided for sure which truck to buy, and narrowed down which RV, though there’s no rush for that if we end up working
  • Investigated US car models – having been away for 6 years, we don’t know thw current models and have no idea what we’d want. In addition to the truck we’ll want a more fuel efficient car [1]
  • Bought several of the wines we’ve liked most in the last few years, with a view toward buying a care or two to take home
  • Notified our landlord as well as the person who handles housing for our company that we’ll be going home
  • Pointed out to the people I work with which things won’t get done when I leave, until they hire a replacement
  • More or less decided on our holiday plans

So we’re in pretty good shape. Now if only we knew what we’d be doing when we got to the US, we’d be perfect.