A few weeks ago I started doing marathon training again (the 80,000m programme here). I don’t plan to do any marathons in the near future, but I do need a training plan to push me and I need to build up to doing more meters before the Concept 2 Holiday Challenge begins at Thanksgiving. (This year might be difficult, since our stuff including the rowing machines will be packed and moved on December 12. However, we have one in the Oregon house too, and we’ll probably spend some time there before Christmas.) I started the programme with Cycle 2, since I was already doing the meters of the Cycle 1 plans. The plan calls for 5 workouts a week, and I switch them around depending on what else I’m doing – for instance, long rows are always on a weekend and I take a break after two or three workouts. Yesterday, I added up the meters I’d erged in the past 7 days, and realized I’d done 60 km.

I didn’t mean to, it just sort of happened – I’d done my 11km row Wednesday last week and Tuesday this week, and I did a half marathon (21km) instead of the planned 15km on Sunday.) Today, since last Wednesday is over a week ago, I’ve done 49 km in the past week. Either way it’s good to know I can do that at this point. Next week will be nice; it’s a periodized training plan, and I get a light week every fourth week. Next week I only have to do a total of 30km. (This week was planned to be 45 km and will end up as 51km due to the half-marathon – I hope this all makes sense.) Even better, I get an extra off day next week.

Then the next training cycle will be fun too, because I get to start doing short fast bursts – 10 super-hard strokes, then recover rowing slowly. I like those. That and a couple weeks of the fourth training cycle will take me through Christmas, at which point I’ll decide if I want to go on with the training and do a marathon at the end, or do something else. Whatever else is going on in the rest of my life will have a lot to do with the decision, since we still don’t know if we’ll be working or traveling.