Lately, my hair has been behaving badly – it looked fine, but seemed to be damage because it was tangling badly and shedding quite a lot. A little of that was breakage, but more was entire strands coming out no matter how gently I detangled it. I don’t think the shedding is enough to worry about, but it’s never fun to see. Anyway, clearly there was damage, so it seemed like a good idea to get a lot of it cut off. I walked into the Salon armed with a collage of images; one of me with somewhat shorter hair, and a bunch of images from Twist Collective, an online knitting magazine known for good photography, which appears to have a strong partiality for models with cool hair. (The ones I picked even all had hair with similar color and testure to mine – actually, there were two or three people, shot at different times with slightly different haircuts.) I told the stylist, “I have a challenge for you: it may be a while until I can get a good haircut, so I need it cut shorter in a way that will grow out fine even if I get just minor trims, or none at all.

(Incidentally, the stylist said he’s been hearing of lots of his clients who seem to be losing hair, as well as himself. He thinks it may be due to something in the water. Is that even possible? Or do people tend to shed hair in autumn for some reason? That seems sort of counterproductive.)

Here’s what he came up with (actually, it’s somewhat like my favorite of the Twist photos, though he didn’t quite get those long front locks. They’d probably look like payyes on me, anyway). I think it will work.

(We will not discuss how many photos I had to take before coming up with two I was willing to post! As TranceJen (where is she now?) once said, the secret seems to be to take the photo from slightly above.)