Someone mentioned this in a comment at Xiphias‘ place, and it looks useful enough that I’m passing it on: 34 two-ingredient recipes.

By the way, if anyone is wanting to give me anything for the holidays this year (and I’m not assuming anyone who reads this actually *is*, but just in case): given how up in the air our plans for next year are, I would most appreciate intangibles, things I can store in memory instead of in limited space. Ideas might be a poem, essay or a story vignette; a recommendation for a book you think I’d love, especially if available for Kindle; a donation to a charity you favor; or (if you’re in the US) an invitation to dinner (or even to use your washer!) when/if we swing by your way next year. I also continue to appreciate advice on what to see – or what to skip, for that matter, or on RVing from people with experience in that. Thanks for understanding; I do love getting presents, but it really honestly is being thought of that’s the best part of it, and if we’re living in an RV, time and brain space are far more available than physical space.