Before I plunge into matters not of general interest, Thanksgiving Day was great. I erged 9km, made cranberry sauce, and had enough time for it to cool before heading off to dinner – a restaurant provided turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing (from the organizer’s mom’s recipe) and a few of us brought extra stuff. We had a good time hanging out with about 20 other Americans (well, a couple people were Dutch), saying goodbye to a few we won’t see before we leave, and eating some very good turkey. (The ham was good too; I don’t really eat ham, for no other reason than that do to Jewish heritage we never had it growing up, but the bit I tasted was slightly smoky and mild, not too salty. Everybody seemed to like my cranberry sauce, including one guy who said he’d always hated the canned kind (both kinds, jellied and not) but wanted to try my homemade version to see if it would be better. (He made sure I knew he took seconds!)

I’ve been following the Concept 2 marathon training plan, but due to our upcoming move, I realized I’ll have to jigger it around a bit – basically, it makes sense to have the light week in the week we fly out, rather than the week before. I smushed together the 5-day-a-week and 6-day-a-week versions of the plan, and came up with a plan. The movers will be packing on the 10th and 11th and loading the truck on the 12th, so with luck I can use the rowing machine on the first 2 days. (And if not, we can use the ones int he boathouse.) This is a pretty heavy schedule, but then I’ll be off probably from Wednesday the 12th (loading the container) through Thursday (turning in apartment key and going to Amsterdam), Friday (flying out) and Saturday (arriving in the US). We’re not quite sure how about plans after we arrive: some will be in our house, some in my in-laws’, and possibly some in Portland. But we have an erg in the former and the in-laws have a gym with a couple of them in the latter, so I should be able to finish up with no problem.

Posted for accountability:

Day Date Distance Details
F 23-Nov 10 km: 3 x (1k@5kP, 2k@MP)
S 24-Nov 15 km: ge
S 25-Nov 10 km: 3 x (6 x 10)
M 26-Nov off
T 27-Nov 11 km: 2 x (2k@5kP, 3k@MP)
W 28-Nov 6 km: ge
T 29-Nov 13 km: 3 x (8 x 10)
F 30-Nov off
S 1-Dec 15 km: ge
S 2-Dec 11 km: 2 x (10 x 10)
M 3-Dec off
T 4-Dec 4 km: ge
W 5-Dec 10 km: 3 x (1k@5kP, 2k@MP)
T 6-Dec 10 km: 3 x (6 x 10)
F 7-Dec 5 km: ge
S 8-Dec off
S 9-Dec 21 km: ge
M 10-Dec 9 km: 3/3/3
T 11-Dec 11 km: 2 x (2k@5kP, 3k@MP)
W 12-Dec off
total: 161 km

Details of what those workouts mean:
2 x (8 x 10) means row as hard as you can for 10 stroke, row lightly until your heartrate is below 27% of max HR, 8 times. Do two sets of this, with 1 – 2km light rowing between sets. (On the hard ten, I try to get my split below 2:00, which is not easy for me.)
ge = general endurance – around marathon pace
2 x (1k@5kP, 2k@MP) means two sets of rowing 1 km at 5k pace, 2 km at marathon pace. There’s no rest between sets, since marathon pace is fairly light. (I’m shooting for around 2:30 split for 5k pace, 2:59 split or below for marathon pace. This is because I am short and I am slow.)
3/3/3 means 3k at 10k pace (high 2:30s for me), 10k at marathon pace (<= 2:59), 10k at half-marathon pace (<= 2:49). I may up those weekend 15km pieces to half-marathons - probably will at least once and maybe for both. That would make it 173 km before I leave here. Either way, it should be fairly easy to complete my 200 km before Christmas. Only problem is, I woke up pretty dizzy this morning. Don't know what they put in that turkey dinner but I don't think it's going to help my erging today....