Good grief. It feels like this weekend has consisted almost entirely of erging and sleeping. That’s an exaggeration on both counts; only 25 km (15 yesterday, 10 today) but I’ve erged every day since Wednesday without a break. From last Sunday to yesterday I’d done 70km, though now that last Sunday’s 21km has “aged out” and been replaced with today’s 10km it’s only 59km in a week. I’m not exaggerating the sleeping much either – 11 hours last night and I dropped off for a few minutes this afternoon too.

These things are not unrelated.

There’s also been a lot of eating, as you might guess; Ted made both an eggless ‘omelet’ (everything you’d want in one except eggs) for me this morning and salmon for dinner, bless him. The afternoon snoozing was mostly after I tried to demonstrate my appreciation. We’ve also finished our holiday cards, and I went out yesterday (it seemed like a good idea to walk around a bit after the erg piece instead of spending the day on the couch) and replaced the umbrella I left on the bus Friday. Tomorrow I have a day off; I hope this helps with both the sleepiness and my achy shoulder, but having to work until after an important 5-6PM meeting isn’t going to be helpful on that front.

I’ve got all of my holiday gifts figured out though not yet all bought; I’m annoyed to find that one place offers to defer shipment until shortly before Christmas but not until Chanukah (or an arbitrary user-set date, which would be better) so I think I’ll just wait a week to order. Another one which involves a membership only offers a print-it-yourself invitation and I want them to mail a card that can be opened, so I think I’ll have to call. And a third only seems to be orderable by phone.

We’ve also ordered the present for one of Ted’s grandfathers; for the last few years we’ve been giving him books on a theme. We’ve done Travel and Exploring two years ago and Unique Books last year (books that are different from the rest of an author’s oeuvre; one was Stephen King’s On Writing). I don’t think he ever quite understood what that theme was meant to be. This year’s theme was Books on Books, and as usual we tried to get a wide variety within the theme: Anne Fadiman’s Ex Libris, Simon Winchester’s The Meaning of Everything (on the making of the OED); Nicholas Basbanes’ Every Book Its Reader; one of the collections from the Unshelved comic strip; 84 Charing Cross Road (wouldn’t be surprised if he’s read this, though not recently); Larry McMurtry’s autobiography on his bookselling career My Life in Books; Christopher Morley’s Parnassus on Wheels. A lot of these are smaller books, too, which is probably good for a reader in his 90s who’s slowing down a bit.