I set a personal record on the erg today for the half marathon, despite having also done one on Friday afternoon and 9km yesterday. I beat my previous record from December 2001 by 13 seconds. I’ve never really, really gone full out on one of them. This one had a split of 2:43; I suspect I could manage at least a 2:39 split, if I were willing to be fairly useless for the rest of the day, and maybe tired for a day or two later. Today I’m not, since I need to finish prepping for the movers, who begin tomorrow; to derig and cover the boats; and to do another 19km in the next few days to finish the Holiday Challenge. I’m pretty happy about that part; I thought I’d be doing well to get to 160km before leaving, but in fact I’m up to 181 km already.

And just because it was a bit of a pain to figure out that it was a PR (at least, for the years for which I have records) I’m going to log my previous years’ records, for the years in which I ranked a half marathon.

Some years I either never did that distance or had a slow enough time that I didn’t hit the ‘rank it’ button (The years given are Concept 2 seasons, which run from May of the previous year to April, so we’re in 2013 now. Most of these were done either during the Holiday Challenge or as part of marathon race training.)

2013: 1:54:41.0

2010: 1:57:21.7
2009: 1:55:44.7

2007: 1:55:49.8

2005: 1:55:34.1
2004: 1:57:47.0
2003: 2:02:20.0
2002: 1:54:54.0