I just realized, I need some advice.

We’ve just moved from the Netherlands to a Portland, OR, suburb. I don’t have a job. So far, we’re leaning toward staying there a few years. I don’t plan to get a job right away; the idea is to spend a few months working on some writing projects (nonfiction) before I even start looking.

You’d think I’d be a pro at moving by now, and I kind of am, but this is a new situation for me. How do I meet local people, if I’m not working with them? Three paths are obvious: we haven’t yet been able to contact the closest rowing clib (I emailed but got no answer); I will search for local knitting groups; I do have a couple of online acquaintances plus one old friend of my husband’s, but no one I’m close to and they all have day jobs.

Are there writing groups for nonfiction writers? Should I go boulder at a local climbing gym and hope someone needs a belayer? Any other suggestions? I know a few people on my friendslists have been through very similar situations.