two more incidents

I forgot to mention a couple of other things that happened today. After shopping I put the old remnants of lettuce and the core of the new one, plus the greens from the radishes in the garbage disposal … and it clogged. So now the disposal runs, but it just stirs up a slurry of green shreds, which then slowly drains leaving a layer of green mush in the sink. The proper maintenance people have been called, and will probably show up tomorrow. The woman on the phone seemed to be very upset that we have to do without a disposal overnight, so I explained that I haven’t had one for the last six years and could probably manage for another 24 hours. (She was shocked to hear that people in other countries don’t have disposals, and then told me how lucky I was to get to live abroad, to which I completely agreed. This is exactly the kind of experience more US people need to go abroad for.)

And I ran into a minor problem at the library. When I signed up to volunteer, they asked for two character references, who weren’t relatives, with a name and phone number for each. That was when I realized that, while I can think of plenty of people who would recommend me as a library volunteer, I pretty haven’t called anyone I wasn’t related to in the last six years. Lots of the people whose number I did have, have moved in that time, too. And also, I really hate to give out anyone’s number an email without asking. So I went through my contacts list, and picked out the name of a couple of good friends who are fairly social and used to talking to people – I hope they don’t mind. At least the library isn’t asking for me to get a police clearance, as the City of Tempe did when we coached (adult) rowers there!

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  1. LA says:

    Flattered, btw.

    I leave the carrots whole since I use the mini ones, but chunked big carrots works well too.

  2. LA says:

    Oh, and the corn starch/flour is just for thickening. We like a really dense chili. ~LA

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