our counteroffer was accepted yesterday, so I guess we have a house! We won’t close on it until next month, though. We’re still keeping the lake house, Rowell, and plan to go there on weekends, so we wanted something nice but small here. This one is a new townhouse; two bedrooms and a den.

So now we have shopping to do! Our furniture is in the other house, so we need to buy most of the furnishings for this house. There are just a few things we’ll bring up, like a rocking chair or two and some of our extra bookcases. (That’s “extra” in the sense of “they probably won’t all fit in the other place”, not in the sense of “we don’t have enough books to fill them.”) We’ve got all the kitchen gear to augment what was provided in the Dutch flat, like my good knives and Dutch ovens, and all of the dishes, cups, pots, sheets and towels we had to buy the Taiwan flat. So we have duplicates of those things, since what we’d had from before was kept in the US while we were abroad. (Our old sheets and towels are getting ratty and are about due for replacement, though.) Meanwhile, our stuff from the Netherlands just arrived in the US today; it will be delivered to us in a few weeks when it gets through Customs. We plan to just lay out all the kitchenware and linens on the floor and just divide them all up: “this pile to the lake house, that pile to the townhouse, that pile to the dump, this list of things we still need”.

But we need to buy all the big stuff: beds, dressers, sofa, dining room table, and a rug for the living room. Should be fun (I hope).

Meanwhile, yesterday I counted pages as well as words; since starting a week ago Monday I’ve got 37 pages done, so I’m feeling like this book is something I can finish. Whether it ever gets published is another story, of course.

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  1. LA says:

    Congrats! Moving in here was a lot of new furniture and appliances and was a ton of fun. Enjoy setting up yet another place! This makes how many in the last 7 years? I suggest you both get dupes of your favorite staple clothing too. Going between two houses means your favorite bra and the comfy socks are ALWAYS at the other house. ~LA

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