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We still don’t have our stuff – that is, it’s arrived in the US, but there’s no knowing how long it will take to get through Customs. Then when it gets here, we’ll have it delivered to our house near Eugene, get everything unpacked and figure out what needs to come up here. With luck that could be as early as next week. If so, then we’d go down there again to actually get our stuff and bring it up, since we don’t close on the house here until February 22.

One of the things I don’t have is my own recipes, so I’ve been using some online recipes for things where I’d normally make my own. I’m not exactly sure how this Hungarian goulash soup recipe differs from mine (except that I know mine doesn’t have bacon), but I made this one tonight and it was excellent. It seems simpler than I remember mine being; some of that is probably because I usually make dumplings with the soup, but this one is chunky enough not to need them. Next time I make goulash, once I have my own recipe cards, I’ll probably hybridize the two versions.

Meanwhile, it’s been an expensive weekend – or at least expensive in prospect. We actually bought a fridge, washer and dryer; we have chosen exactly what we want to buy for most of our furniture. When I say “most”, I mean a loooooong list: our bed, dressers, nightstands for our bedroom; desk, dresser and bookcases for the loft; rug, sofa, and coffee table for the living room; dining room table, chairs, bench and sideboard. The only things that remain are a spare bed, Ted’s desk (he needs to choose that, not me), a desk chair for me, which pictures we’ll put up, and maybe an end table (we know which, just not whether). Some time this week I’ll go out and actually buy those things. I hope these all look good together; we talked about working with a decorator, but ended up deciding not to.

The timing will probably be tricky; we close on a Friday, and will probably try to get the appliances delivered on Saturday. That means we really can’t go get our other stuff from Eugene that weekend – I guess we’ll just try to bring up the minimum things we need beforehand, and keep them in this apartment until we have the house keys. Hmmm… one set of sheets, towels, pots, dishes, glasses, silverware … what else do we need for a week? Or we could just stay in this apartment for a week or two, but that will be painful when we have a nice new house!

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  1. LA says:

    Busy! And still exciting. I am so glad you guys are getting settled here in the States. Even if you’re on the other side of the country the odds of seeing you are still way higher than when you’re overseas. ~LA

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