a new stage

Well. Time for another new thing.

Last Wednesday, I more or less finished my first draft; there are a few small sections I need to flesh out (brief explanations of Six Sigma, Lean, and CMMI) but otherwise I think I’ve said most of the things I wanted to say. Thursday through yesterday, we spent moving boxes, taking things out of boxes, or putting them into other boxes.

So today I start my first revision. I have no idea how to do this, except for feedback from Ted’s review of the first two chapters (titles: “Introduction”, and “Processes: why bother?”), but I suppose the only way is to plunge in. It’s 11AM; I’ve procrastinated all morning already, for values of “procrastination” meaning “called the bank about some fraudulent charges they found, cleaned both bathrooms and the kitchen, and worked out”. I don’t know how to measure progress, either, but that’s probably not hugely important.

Here goes! (But first, some food.)

Two minutes later: Nope. I just remembered that I have a new book out from the library on my topic, and I need to read it to see what I can learn from them, and what I can offer that isn’t in that book. So first, research.

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