Those are the makings for dinner – shredded chicken for a chicken vegetable pot pie, with cheesecake-stuffed strawberries for dessert. I’ll be doing my first shift as a library volunteer this afternoon, so I figured I’d better do some preparation early. I’ve been doing some work (calling around about getting house utilities set up, and some other stuff) while waiting for the cream cheese to soften. I’ll be making the cheesecake mixture without a mixer, which might get interesting – I guess if necessary two forks can stand in for a whisk.

I’m not sure how I’ll like volunteering; I’ll be sorting books for the Friends of the Library sales. Maybe I’m just reacting to the idea of sitting in an office at a computer again, but some of it is also resentment to anything that pulls me away from the writing work I think I should be doing. This is probably because I find I just can’t focus on the revising the way I can on writing; I do a bit and drift off to check Ravelry, do a bit and drift off to check FB, and so on, and that’s not even including the times I go away entirely to work out, do food shopping, attend my knitting group, or whatever. And now two hours a week at the library. On the other hand, I’d be going to the library every week or two anyway. (Right??) Plus I’m a little afraid that if I don’t push to get out I’ll get a bit too entrenched here and never want to go anywhere.

I suppose I could force myself not to go to any other websites (including updates here) but then I’d probably just go drift off and do non-computer stuff. It would help to focus if I could knit while revising, but I can’t, much – just can’t physically knit and type. At least I can knit while reading books for research.

I think overall I’m just a little less blissfully happy than I had been. This is probably due to a bunch of factors: one is getting used to it, another is revising instead of writing a first draft, and another is having no more exciting house-hunting outings. I expect the week after next will be exciting again, as I get to set everything up in the new house and work at my new desk (actually a vanity – I wanted something small, because I don’t like sitting at a desk for all that long anyway and I use a laptop. There’s a pull-out chair that’s part of it, but it’s too low so I’ll need to use a real desk chair. It’s a cool piece of furniture, and I’ll need to post a picture.) The other thing this week is that I’ve applied for two jobs. One is writing textbook and school test material, which is great because it’s something I can mix in with my own writing to earn some money while I’m a home. The other is at Intel – I wasn’t going to start that stuff for another month, but this one fits well enough that I figured I’d better go ahead. The textbook people have responded already, asked for more info, and are putting me in their database for whenever any job comes up that’s a good fit – I get the impression this is standard for them, though it’s also possible they’re less than thrilled with my lack of previous experience writing for kids. I’ve tried to frame my previous work in terms of explaining things and making concepts clear, which is a very valid view of it, and they do handle materials up through college level.

We are very much looking forward to getting into the new house. No upstairs neighbors pounding over our heads. (Though we need to be a little cautious because we’ll *be* upstairs neighbors – these townhouses are in blocks of six, three back to back, and they are intertwined enough that our main floor is above someone else’s one-story unit. Our den is above a bedroom of theirs, which is a little worrying because we want to put the ergs there, but the insulation is good.) Places to unpack and put away all our stuff. A bed that’s not tiny! (The one here is a queen, but somehow it seems much smaller than the queen beds we’ve been on in the Netherlands and elsewhere, more like our double futon that we slept on while Ted’s family were visiting. It’s still a fairly small house; it’s 1600+ square feet, but it’s three stories so some of that is used up in stairs and the living area is comparable to a significantly smaller space. It doesn’t have as much storage as we’d like, and we’ll be missing all the built-ins we had in Taiwan, but it’s pretty good compared to the other townhouses we looked at. Plus we have the other house to go to on weekends!

And now surely my cream cheese is softened enough and I should go work on that.