Follow-up to the follow-up

The chicken pot pie looked great, but tasted totally bland.


The only flavoring was from salt, pepper, thyme and the main ingredients (chicken, carrots, peans, onions). It didn’t help that the pinot gris I used was sweeter than it ought to have been for the recipe. However, it seems like a good base to work from. We came up with two ideas: either substitute chicken broth for half of the milk (and add lots of herbs), or leave out the thyme, carrots and some of the peas and add in green chilies and cilantro for a New Mexico version. So I might try it again, but not without tinkering.

On the other hand, both the cheesecake-stuffed strawberries and the improvised cheesecake with the leftovers went over well. This cheesecake filling consisted of nothing but cream cheese, confectioner’s sugar, and vanilla; it tasted great and set solid after a few hours in the fridge. I think for any future endeavors involving cheesecake I’ll just use this and not try to get fancier. (A great dessert for a company dinner in summer would involve two pounds of strawberries, half stuffed with this and half dipped in chocolate – of course Ted’s suggestion was to stuff the berries and dip them. He also suggested using a few of these to garnish a bowl of (boughten) strawberry sorbet, which would be a nice easy dessert for more people.

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