The strawberries are done. I couldn’t find graham cracker crumbs at the supermarket for the topping, and all the packages of graham crackers were very large, so I bought a small pack of Teddy Grahams and crushed them up myself. As you can see, I had enough crumbs and cheesecake filling left over to improvise a single serving cheesecake in a bowl. (Ted likes the stuff, I don’t much, though I think I’ll like it in the strawberries.) image

Meanwhile it’s 11:30 and I haven’t done a lick of writing work today except these blog entries. But I’ve made the dessert, shredded the chicken, gotten the gas set up for the new house, spoken to the water and Internet people, and gotten information on how to get the cushions on our rocking chairs replaced. Lots of work done, but it doesn’t feel like it really counts, and I have to volunteer at the library from 2-4. (Oh, and I got the form sent off that the textbook-writing people wanted. I guess that counts.)