flank steak

So far, that bland chicken pot pie has been the only recipe from Real Simple that has steered me wrong. (If I do it again, I’ll swap out the carrots, thyme and most of the peas for cilantro and chili, and make a New Mexico version). Tonight I made their
Flank steak with artichoke/pepper/bread salad. Both parts of this were excellent and they went well together. It all cooked (and in the case od the flank steak, rested) really fast – I did some quick web research and apparently resting after cooking helps meat stay much juicier. The only change I made to the flank steak was to put it in a plastic bag with marinade as it was thawing. I don’t remember the details, but there was olive oil, sliced garlic, balsamic and a bit of white vinegar, and probably something or other sweet. The only downside to the recipes is that I think flank steak has lost its status as a good cheap meal. Our local supermarket charged me over $13 for a pound and a half of it, and as Ted pointed out, you can get a decent steak for that. Then again, I don’t want to eat steak every night, and this was a good change.

Friday we’ll be closing on our new place and on Saturday everything in the world is being delivered there. (Well, it seems that way – fridge, washer, dryer, all of the furniture that isn’t backordered, and the rug). SO Friday we’ll probably do take out, though if the crockpot, or Dutch oven shown up in one of our boxes, I might make chlli Saturday. That leaves me with tomorrow, which I think will involve roasted chicken breasts, maybe with roasted new potatoes, and golden-crusted Brussels Sprouts. I do like that recipe – I’m still not altogether sure I like Brussels sprouts, but cheese saves everything.

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