I really would like it if I can find a job where I can work from home, at least part of the time. It’s 10:30 and I’m just sitting down to breakfast; it’s not that I’m lazy, but that I’ve already read email, done one more address change, worked out (2km warmup, 8 sets of 2 min at anaerobic transition pace, 2 min rest), started lasagna (this recipe has you browning meat, then simmering it with tomato sauce for a hour and a half; I was pleased to realize I could do that part in advance), and neatened the kitchen a bit. Of course if I were working full time I would have to be working, but I could at least put dinners on to simmer, or use my lunch for grocery shopping. And working out before work doesn’t require such early mornings if you don’t have a commute. Or you can get up early for international teleconferences and then work out. (We’re nine hours behind the Netherlands here, for instance, so morning calls have to be early.)

I’m considering a visit to the shelter before my volunteer library shift, in case they have cats not posted on Petfinder. I couldn’t do those things if I were working either, but that’s OK; I only need one cat, and the library volunteering is more about getting out and meeting people. The other thing I like about working from home is getting to choose my own environment. I can sit on the couch (when we get a couch!) instead of at a desk if I want, eat when and what I want from my own kitchen, and generally not have to feel like I’m on display at all times. If my computer eats a file I can say “Fuck!” out loud without getting funny looks. (Taiwanese people tend not to use expletives at all, so just the tone of voice is a bit shocking; Dutch people are apt to say “I thought it wasn’t proper for Americans to say that in the office!”; Texans will say “That isn’t ladylike!” Ask me how I know.) Also, no coworkers having loud and impenetrable conversations (this applies to fervent movie buffs in the US as to people speaking other languages – on second thought, in Taiwan at least they’re not loud).

Any the funny thing is, I like most of those things in moderation: dressing up because other people will notice, being around people, getting into conversations with coworkers even if they’re on topics I don’t know much about, proper ergonomics. I just hate putting up with them all day, every day. So a job where I worked at home only part of the time would be even better.

Next week, I plan to start looking more seriously. I think I’ll probably be doomed to an office job, whenever I do find something. But I can always hope!