I’m in Philly this week, visiting family. (Just me, Ted still being fairly new in his job.) I’ve concluded a few things:

– Playing with a toddler does really count as exercise, at least the way I do it.
– Yes, soft pretzels still really are that good.
– I’m not the only person in my family who has two households’ worth of stuff, but at least I have two houses to put it in.
– On a related topic, I am definitely less clutter-tolerant than I used to be. My uncle was even worse than my Mom; I don’t know how my very neat grandparents ended up with two such packrat kids.
– I’m also really not used to having lots of people around all the time. There’s just the two of them, but my brother and his family are over a lot – which is great for both them and my parents; I just find it a little overwhelming.
– On the other hand, in a way it’s a bit of a relief talking to my parents and brother, because there’s so much stuff they get that other people in my life don’t, and it’s not even the private family stuff I mean – I guess I’m not around many book-reading, Broadway-liking, history-knowing Conservative Jews much, at least not offline. And even if I were, they’d like different books and shows and eras, and have slightly different customs. (My SIL doesn’t get those references, any more than my husband does, but we like having them around anyway.)
– My mom’s grocery shopping is even more tortuous now she’s retired – by my count, four food stores yesterday and three today (this is because of Passover, but still).
– Today we made chicken soup, matzo balls, mandlen, chocolate torte, apple cake, and potato kugel. All we need to make tomorrow are turkey, carrots, and salad.
– My brother has figured out that for our family, our first initials spell RAMP. With Ted and my SIL added, we get TRAMPV. Today I determined that if we use SIL’s second letter instead of her first, our acronym can be ARMPIT. yay.