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I just deleted a few vague sentences on topics that might be good but probably shouldn’t be talked about in public yet. This even vaguer vagueness is as close as I am comfortable coming to squeeing in public at this point.

It’s like “Squee” “(shush!)” “But squeeeee!” “No, no, no, mustn’t jinx anything!” It’s very confusing, and makes it hard to ask about what to do next. I am coming to have much sympathy for Jewish pregnant women, who according to (Ashkenazic?) tradition are not supposed to bring home anything for the baby until after it’s born, just in case. (And no, my squee-age isn’t that, and no, I don’t have a job or even any interviews yet. Sorry for the intentional vagueness, but I am really not good at just shutting up entirely. If I ever have actual good news, I will post it unambiguously as soon as possible.)

However, for good news that is definite, my in-laws are coming over tonight, since they’re in town, and will be our first dinner guests in this house. So that’s exciting. I’ve got a roast in the oven, and tulips in the tulip vase. The cats are becoming much more comfortable around us – I wonder if they’ll come out at all when there are strangers in the house.

OK, off to do a little more revising and a bit of last-minute house-keeping.

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