Today I: cleaned 2.5 bathrooms (one more to go), Swiffered all hard-surface flooring downstairs, rowed, weeded horsetails and mushrooms about of the the back and about a 3 feet square part of the overgrown front area, walked to the pick up some stuff at the local grocery store and stopped by the diner and new Mexican place to get take-out menus to keep around, and cooked myself a tasty dinner (gambas al ajillas, golden-crusted Brussels Sprouts, and some of the leftover lentils – one advantage to being alone is getting to eat whatever weird combination you feel like). I did not, however, write. Or read the book I brought to do research in.

I really do need to do some of that. I spent a little bit of time making notes on stuff to write about, so at least that’s something, but I think I need to spend more time on that kind of work tomorrow. Or maybe tonight, but my brain gets tired later in the day even when I really haven’t been using it. (Rowing, weeding, and cleaning are actually activities that work best without too much thought for me, in fact.)