If I’ve been quiet around here lately, it’s been partly because I was sitting on a big announcement until I was able to make it public.

My book, to be called Fundamentals of Business Process Management, has been accepted by AMACOM, publishing arm of the American Management Association) and will be published in Spring of 2014. And yes, that means you can go buy it in Amazon 🙂

I’m pretty excited about this, as you may imagine. AMACOM was the first place I sent my proposal, so it was a shock to have the editor write back expressing interest in just two weeks. I think they are a great fit for my topic. They want it to be substantially longer, though, and to cover all the basics, so I have a bunch more writing to do. (I can do that, I’m pretty sure – there are some places where I just said “now you do this”, where I can add instruction and examples on exactly how to do it. I wrote the whole first draft in a month and a half, and I’m already 2k into the expansion. The trick is just to add words that actually need to be there, rather than filler.)


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