just to clarify:

I am a Jew.

(Apparently there have been some “disturbing” results for Google searches on that term, so I figure it’s good for those of us who are to say so out loud.)

At the moment I am a happy Jew who made some decidedly non-kosher and decidedly tasty tapas for dinner – grilled andouille, shrimp / cherry tomato skewers and asparagus on the grill we bought a couple of weeks ago, plus summer sausage, salami and a bunch of cheeses, plus crudites and the aioli and mayo-with-balsamic-vinegar sauces I’d made to have with artichokes yesterday, plus French bread and sesame crackers.

Also, just in the last few days I’ve been getting some responses on my job hunt, so that’s good. Meanwhile the editing on my current chapters is a bit knotty, which is not surprising because this section ( on process systems) is the most complicated in the book. Hopefully the changes I’ve made will please my editor, and the rest will be simpler.

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