I am not sure giving Macchiato-cat a treat was a good thing: it just led to her getting up in my face to see if there might be More. I deliberately gave it to her in the living room, not near the pantry, to try to combat her (correct) belief that the pantry Is Where Good Things Live, because now every time I open the door she’s there in a flash and has gotten on the bottom shelf a few times. However, I don’t think it worked because she may well be smart enough to remember that I had been at the pantry minutes before.

Oolong does not eat kitty treats; she eats pretzels and gets very excited about popcorn, which makes sitting on the couch and eating a bowl of it a bit of a kitty-fending ordeal. Today was an epoch in their little lives, as they had TUNA for the first time (I decided to have a sandwich of it for lunch). They ate it, but neither one seemed as excited about it as they do about treats / popcorn respectively.

They’ll be coming with us to the lake house for this long weekend, which will make their third time there. They like it there, but are not so thrilled about the process of getting there. The first time, we put calming collars on them, which just meant we had the ordeal or getting those on plus the ordeal of getting them in the carriers. Last time we gave Maka calming treats on the way there (Oolong won’t eat those, either). We didn’t really think they had much effect, until the way back, when she was agitated and biting at the cage, and we realized we hadn’t given her any – luckily, they were packed where I could reach them and she became much calmer after having one. She’s pretty easy to get in the carrier, though, and will even investigate it on her own, though she doesn’t actually get in. Oolong is harder to catch, and doesn’t like being handled. Once she’s in, though, she stays calm and just glares at us the whole way.

We’re not sure they really understand the whole transportation concept. The lake house has is built on a slight slope and has two floors: a main floor with living areas and bedrooms, and a lower floor with some extra rooms that are on ground level at the back, and have nice sunny sitting places for cats. This house has three floors: bedrooms on top, living areas in the middle, and entry and garage below. Both times, after getting back home, they’ve gone downstairs and seemed to be looking for the extra rooms. I think they’re convinced that the car is just a place where we go sit while the house transforms itself.

Now that we finally have the sofa here, we were planning to take one of the rocking chairs back to the lake house, but I think we’ve given up on that idea for the moment.

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