Ted’s got some offsite meetings this week in a place with a cramped parking lot, so he’s been taking the car I usually drive, leaving me with the Mighty Big Truck. (There’s a current country song which contains the line “He can’t be much of a man by the look of that little truck.” I expect hair to begin sprouting on my chest any second now.”) However, in true girly fashion, though I can drive the truck just fine, I can’t park it worth a crap. This is mostly because I can’t park for crap in general – never really learned to parallel park because a week after getting my license I moved out of Philadelphia and since then have never lived in a place where it’s needed, and I can’t back in well (which is a thing you need to do with big trucks) because I have terrible depth perception. Hey, I have a doctor’s opinion on that last part. (Had another eye doctor appointment yesterday. She’s got me wearing reading glasses for reading and computer work, on the theory that will prevent eyestrain and help my eyes relax for distance when I drive.) However, it doesn’t help that the truck doesn’t fit in a single parking space, lengthwise – you have the choice of finding a pull-through spot and taking up all of one space and part of the other or sticking out into the roadway.

Yesterday, I got up early and went to the gym. Getting changed int he locker room afterward, I had a nice conversation with another woman there, in the course of which she asked me what I did. I confessed to being unemployed (well, I think I did mention working on the book) and she kindly mentioned a few local places that may be hiring. We waked out to the parking lot together, and I felt a bit silly climbing into that big truck. She probably thinks now that all authors get huge advances and guaranteed royalties. Oops.

Today I booked a massage, and I know that parking lot is usually pretty full, so this may be challenging. If I have to, at least I have the option of parking at the big box stores’ lot next door and walking. This may be the very definition of first-world problems, but it’s the only vehicle I have today. It’s only a few miles, so I suppose I could bike, but it’s cold and rainy today and the route is all uphill and mostly on big roads. (I’m not frittering away money on the massage; it’s the second one on my birthday giftcard.)

Things are moving on the job front; I had a call with one recruiter and submitted forms requested by another yesterday, and I have a screening call on Thursday with a company (I mean, directly, not a recruiter.) One of the ones from yesterday would be a step up, but it would mean moving again, and I like it here. I’m talking to them just in case the job turns out to be really wonderful. The one tomorrow sounds exciting – nearby, reputation as a great place to work, in a new industry but interfacing with one I know – so I hope that call goes well. The book editing is being a bit difficult, but that’s because I’m working on the most complex chapters of it. The editor is being responsive, though he sounds a bit disappointed that this isn’t as simple and clear as the intro chapters, and I think his comments and criticisms are accurate.

Today’s good news is that I may get to see a former colleague; he’s responsible for the US Western zone, and he’s here this week and in meetings with Ted, so we invited him for dinner. He may need to cancel, though, if work dinners are required. I was planning to make a brisket anyway, with new potatoes and spinach salad, so whether he comes won’t affect the amount of cooking I do, just the amount of leftovers. Possibly I should straighten the house this morning, so that it’s done before I find out whether or not he’s coming. Otherwise, plans for this week are to blitz ahead on the book, though of course further revisions will need to be done after the editor reviews them. I’d like to have as much done as possible while I’m still at home.