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I was feeling a bit gloomy: at least I have been getting calls from recruiters, but hadn’t gotten further. One of them had me fill in six (!) forms and reformat my resume in order to apply for a state government job, and then told me – only after I queried back – that she could only submit her top three picks and I wasn’t one of them. (I hope at least she read the forms to figure that out, but I doubt it. Another definitely is submitting me for a job that is exciting, challenging, and scary, (and lucrative) a promotion past the level I had been working on but would require a move, which I don’t really want to do. I’ve let her submit it, because the move is not completely outside the bounds of possibility if the opportunity was really amazing, and because interviewing at that level would be great practice.

But! A few minutes ago the phone rang, and I have an interview scheduled for tomorrow, for a position I’m excited about. It’s supposed to be a great company to work for, the location is ideal, and the job in some ways lets me get back to what I like (engineering development processes) while simultaneously giving me an opportunity to learn new stuff (new industry but a supplier to the one I was working in). And while I was writing this I got a call from a different recruiter, who wanted to see my resume even though I hadn’t thought I had all the qualifications she’d asked for.

The editor got back from his travels a week ago and i haven’t heard from him since – should probably check in. Meanwhile I have another few chapters ready to submit to him whenever we finish this batch.

My last row on the lake kind of sucked, mostly because my brain was being flaky and anxious. However, I had been bad that day and the day before about wearing the reading glasses the eye doctor recommended, so maybe that proves her theory that close-up eyestrain prevents my eyes from relaxing to deal well with distance. And at least I did row both Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday I did the very last workout in the 2K training plan I’ve been on, which means there are two dilemma now: the unpleasant one is that I really ought to do a 2K time trial. I hate to; I’ve been feeling unenergetic and my training has been a bit erratic over the past several weeks, so I’m not convinced it would be an improvement, and the only reason really to do one is to see if the training worked (and because it’s a workout in itself). I was considering doing an easy workout today, like bicycling to a nearby farmer’s market this evening and doing the 2K tomorrow, but this interview kills that idea. The other dilemma is what to do next. Of course I could just make up rowing workouts as I go and continue to do the lifting plan I’d begun (from The New Rules of Lifting for Life) but I’m thinking of maybe going back to marathon training. This would let me do an erg marathon in September, when the AZ Outlaws do theirs and even, if I got really dedicated, got my brain under control and did a lot of logistics-wrangling, to row the marathon in Louisiana in November.

ETA 1: Well, I buckled down and did the 2K test piece. 9:15.0, which is 0.2 second than the one I did six weeks or so ago. I probably didn’t push hard enough this time, as 1) there were none of the dry heaves which slowed me down last time, so I should have seen more improvement, and 2) my heartrate only got up to 180, as opposed to 193 last time (the dry heaves probably contributed to that, of course, but it was still 183 the first time I did a 2K test this year).

Amusing as always. We took them to the lake house over Memorial Day weekend. We think they like it better than this house, but that they don’t really understand the process of traveling between houses, and think that the cages (cat carriers for them, car for us) are noisy vibrating magic devices that let the house change around us. As usual, the night after we got back, one of them was downstairs meowing – we think she was asking where all the extra rooms were, and could we please bring them back? Then yesterday, Macchiato actually got herself entirely into the carrier, despite all her protests last time we put her in it. Oolong hung around outside and batted at her as if to say “Get out of there! Are you on crack?!?” but this morning I spotted her poking her head in. At the moment, they seem to be doing their morning laps around the house.

ETA 2: Oolong got in the carrier! I think for them this is equivalent to shouting a message. We’ll see what happens next time we actually want them in the carriers. Here’s a picture of Oolong, and a couple bonus shots of Macchiato juming to reach her favorite birdie toy – she’s an amazing acrobat, and we’ve actually seen her do flips in the air.




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  1. LA says:

    Gorgeous kitties. Good luck with the interviews! ~LA

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