I was going to title this entry “Housewifery”, but none of the activities described herein particularly require XX chromosomes, female genitalia, or a female gender identity.

Before I get to it, though, I should mention that my publisher (I do like the sound of those words) have come up with an official title for my book:

Successful Business Process Management
What You Need to Know to Get Results

1. They market laminate flooring as sturdy and robust, but the stuff is an absolute diva about water, and you have to wipe up every little splash. If you ever have a chance to put laminate flooring in your kitchen or bathroom, don’t. (Also, it’s not actually all that much harder to scratch than a normal wood floor. )

2. This stuff not only smells better than Swiffer’s floor cleaner, it smells a lot better too. (Swiffer’s stuff leaves a peculiar smell that lingers forever.) And it works as advertised on glass.

3. Somewhere I bought a 12-pack of “The Original Reusable Microfiber Cleaning Cloths”; these are very lightweight, not unlike the texture of a dryer softening sheet, but they’re still machine-washable. One nice thing about them is that they cling to the velcro-ish strips on a Swiffer; with that and the cleaner mentioned above in a spray bottle, you’ve got a way to clean floors that’s much less work than a sponge mop but cheaper and more environmentally sound than using Swiffer’s own refills.

4. It is very hard to get ouf of bed in the morning when you’ve just been informed that one of the cats left a “present” on the entry way rug. Anyone know if a rubber-backed area rug can go in the washer? The pile of cat crap (and the puddle of I’mnotsurewhat) next to it were on the floor, but there was a wet spot on the rug, not urine-smelling, and I’m not sure Resolve got all the odor out. (Also, the Resolve must have baking soda in it, because I’d used the vinegar cleaner listed above before remembering we had some, and after using the Resolve the rug kept foaming when I rubbed it.)

5. Apparently I need to learn to love Winco, because I just spent $114 for six large (cloth) bags full of groceries, including a couple of bottles of wine. I’m pretty sure that amount would have been much higher at Fred Meyers (though Freddy’s has a much better wine selection). Given the number of pretzels I eat, saving a buck-fifty per box makes up for not getting the Freddy’s gas discount right there.

6. Cloth produce bags (I have these) do not actually keep produce fresher longer – stuff gets sort of dried out, except asparagus tips, which still turn slimy. Though they are handy to have around when you’ve bought produce at the farmer’s market and it didn’t come in plastic bags.

7. However, in defense of the company that makes those bags, their Flip & Tumble 24-7 are the best shopping bags ever, because they scrunch easily into their own attached pocket; the bags are strong, plenty large enough to carry groceries, and plenty small and squishy enough when folded to fit into even a small purse. Unlike most folding bags, you don’t have to lay them out and fold them neatly, and you don’t have to carry around a separate pocket to put them in.

8. It’s amazing how appealing it is to write a blog entry when you really ought to be cranking out 8000 meters on the erg instead.

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