jobs of various kinds, and transitions

I seem to have nothing planed for today except erging, writing, and fighting with the cat (Macchiato) who seems to have an inordinate amount of energy today and is using it to attack All the Things, my feet included. (I worry that when tiring her ou with her favorite toy, a cat-dancer with some feathers hanging on a string attached to a stick, that we are really giving her physical training that leads to even more energy. Then again, erging doesn’t work that way for me!)

Yesterday I had my third interview with the same company; they had told me that they’d make the decision after the second interview, but then decided to change the job parameters a bit so brought me back in yet again. I’m very slightly disappointed in that I’d looked forward to some aspects of the original job and this is a small step down, but the job as it now stands is definitely one I’d have applied for and been enthusiastic about, so this doesn’t really change anything for me. And the original aspects of the work I’d liked aren’t ruled out, just made possible instead of definite. There are a lot of possibilities here, because it’s a new position, and many of those would depend on how effective I am, which is scary and exciting both. I’ve never yet turned down a work challenge, though, and ‘scary’ usually becomes ‘possible’ once you dive into it.

I think I may be ready to go back to work. There’s nothing left to do on the house except enlarge, frame, and hang some of our photos. Actually the hard part is deciding which of the thousands to use. It’s a delicate balance – do we want the most favorite photos, or the ones that complement the room best from a decor point of view? Some of the best are definitely our animal photos from South Africa, but I don’t like what I think they’ll do to the feel of the room. So we’ll compromise and have landscapes and architectural detail on the main wall, with a lion and a leopard flanking the TV.) I feel like my cooking is becoming less inspiring, and that I’m making more of the same things instead of doing something new every week. (Though I did learn to make a good rice pilaf last week. Funny, I’d thought it was hard, but it isn’t at all – saute onions and mushrooms, cook with rice in broth. Possibly I’d confused it with risotto.) I don’t seem to have much to go out for other than grocery shopping and my weekly dates for knitting group and library volunteering. And I can hike or bike to enjoy the nice weather we’re getting off and on. So I think I might be ready for work outside the house again.

The one thing that worries me is that I’m not sure how well my marathon training plan will survive the collision with day-jobbery. I’d planned it to be ready to do an erg marathon timed to coincide with the Arizona one, in September, which is not that far away. It’s already been feeling a little harder than the other times I’ve begun this training, because other times I’ve done it I either began at the beginning (six months ahead of the planned marathon) or jumped in partway through because I’d already been doing the meters expected at that point in the program. The end of 2K training I’d been doing is high on intensity and low on distance, so this was a big jump in distance, which is hard mentally and physically. Also, since I started only about 3-4 months before I intend to do my marathon, I’ve created my own compressed plan based on others I’ve used and seen. I feel like I’m more up to the distance now (I’m into the third week, which is the longest of the first 4-week cycle), but the ramp-up is fairly steep so we’ll see how it goes, but adding in 50 hours a week is not going to make it easier! Still, I’ve done it before.

Anyway, I guess I just wait and see on the job front. If I get this one, they might ask if I can start Monday, though if possible I’d rather hold off ’til after July 4 and try to get the complete book draft done and ready to submit to the publisher by then. I had a phone interview for one in California, but I more or less told them I’m not interested in moving, so idf I don’t get this one, I’ve had recruiter contacts for other ones, realistically it’s likely to take another couple months until I’m back at work.

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  1. LA says:

    I think if you get the job you’ll be such an asset! I’m positive you’ll redefine what they thought they wanted into what they truly need. Plus you have the chops and talent to make the position wholly your own. Good luck! ~LA

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