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8K erged,the chapter on project management of process initiatives is finally finished complete with sample project plan (finished until I think of something else to say, anyway), I bought kitty litter, and I’ve applied for two more jobs.

It’s astonishing how much longer job applications take than they used to. You used to have to carefully tailor your resume and cover letter for each job, then send them in. Now you upload them and, at many places, then you go through and carefully fix all the information that was incorrectly extracted. Some places let you upload data from LinkedIn, but even with that standardized format there are sometimes mistakes, like one job being split into two. A newer trend seems to be going retro: a few places just let you upload your resume, and then presumably they look at that. Much faster for the applicant.

I’ve had three interviews for one job, but they decided to wait ’til this week to make their final decisions, when they can get all the relevant people together. As much as I hope I get this one because it sounds like a good fit, I don’t think I can relax and stop applying until I accept an offer. Meanwhile, I’ve chosen to believe that I will be offered this one, just because I’ll have a much more comfortable week if I believe they want me and are just working out the details, than if I spend it worrying about whether I’ll get the job.

At least I feel reasonably productive for today. I do need to be; I told the publisher that I would be able to submit the manuscript around July 4. I’ve got one more chapter which I need to review and incorporate Ted’s edits; other than that, I just have to finish writing the conclusion. If possible, Ted will read through it one more time before I hand it in. (And if not, there’s still the copyediting phase, so real mistakes can be fixed.)

I have at least made today’s decision: dinner! I’m on my own tonight, so the choice is between shrimp stirfry and gratin Normande; I figure if I make big batches of both, that will get me though the week with a very happy palate. I decided on the shrimp because the only cheeses I have are cheddar and parmegiano; I’ll be near the fancy supermarket tomorrow anyway, so I’ll see if I can get something like Emmental or Gruyere.

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