eating unhealthy

First they told people to avoid rich French foods and cut down on alcohol. Then they said that eating onions and garlic would lead to social ruin, because no one would tell you if you had halitosis. Then they said to avoid fatty foods, like bacon, full-fat dairy, and cheese, and they also mentioned that preserved meats were full of horrible things, and that we should cut down on salt to avoid high blood pressure. More recently we’ve been told that the key to fitness is avoiding simple starches and carbohydrates, like potatoes.

On the other hand, while I think the bacon I crumbled in (which I definitely overcooked, to boot) was probably unhealthy by anyone’s standards, otherwise all of the ingredients were natural and free of preservatives and strange chemicals.


(Last night’s dinner was shrimp stir-fry, with lots of different veggies. Even the soy sauce I used was low-salt. If I’d avoided the corn starch and had brown rice on hand instead of white, it would have been healthy on all counts. At least I have balance.)

Also, Macchiato the cat has just weighed in with her opinion on the healthfulness of tonight’s dinner. I gave her a tiny bit of cheese and she’s just upchucked it, her first time doing so since she’s been here. I’m pleased to say that at least she went down and did it on a tile floor.

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